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Commercial Roofing & Insulation Services

Commercial Roofing & InsulationRising energy costs make it more important than ever to make your commercial facility more energy efficient. Spray foam roofing and building insulation provide cost effective ways to minimize heat transfer so that you can better manage your facility’s climate control and energy consumption. A New Millennium, Inc., Albuquerque and New Mexico’s premier spray foam insulation contractor, provides high quality commercial roofing and insulation services.

Commercial Roofing Services

A New Millennium, Inc. can help improve the energy efficiency of nearly any commercial structure, including:
  • Industrial buildings, storage tanks and vessels
  • Retail buildings
  • Hotels and apartment buildings
  • Commercial buildings needing flat roof replacement or metal roof coating
Because A New Millennium, Inc. holds a GB-98 license, we have the qualifications to perform necessary commercial roofing repairs. We have experience applying spray foam insulation on existing roofs, including roofs with solar panels and other fixtures that must be protected, as well as coordinating with general contractors to apply spray foam insulation on new commercial construction.

Spray Foam Isn’t Just for Roofing

Spray foam insulation can be used for more than just commercial roofing insulation. A New Millennium, Inc. can also apply a spray foam system to exterior walls and HVAC systems. As an exterior wall system, spray foam not only provides a barrier against moisture, it also adds structural support, and in many cases in the only way to insulate exterior walls without removing sheetrock or interior finishes of the home or building.

Contact Us for Quality Commercial Spray Foam Roofing Service

The applicator teams at A New Millennium, Inc. have over 90 years of experience preparing and installing commercial roofing insulation. We get the job done right so that you can reap the benefits of spray foam roofing, and we back our work with up to a lifetime warranty against leaks (available as part of our preventative maintenance program). For high quality commercial roofing insulation services, contact A New Millennium, Inc..

Call A New Millennium, Inc. for commercial spray foam roofing and building insulation! (505) 349-4475 Quality remains long after price is forgotten.