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Metal Roof Coating

Metal Roof CoatingMetal roofing has many benefits, including durability and long life. However, metal roofing does have some drawbacks, but these can be addressed cost-effectively with spray foam coating from A New Millennium, Inc.

Common Issues with Metal Roofs

New Mexico weather can wreak havoc on metal roofs. Commercial roofing repairs are most commonly needed to address wind damage and leaks. High winds can loosen or tear away light-weight metal panels, shingles or shakes. The expansion and contraction caused by variable temperatures weaken fasteners, opening up space for water seepage. Low slope metal roofs are also known for leaking.

A Simple Fix: Metal Roof Coating

Improving your commercial roof’s heat and water resistance can be done cost effectively with spray foam roofing from A New Millennium, Inc. Our closed-cell spray polyurethane foam is sprayed directly to the metal roof, sealing your metal roofing against leaks. Spray foam roofing also enhances your metal roof’s heat resistance, making your building more energy efficient. Spray foam roofing is significantly less expensive than replacing a metal roof or waiting until major roofing repairs are needed. Metal roof coating is also low-maintenance. Only minor preventative maintenance is required to maintain the UV protection needed to ensure the spray foam insulation’s durability. Because commercial roof insulation application is minimally invasive, you can stay open for business while your metal roof coating is being applied.

High Quality Metal Roof Coating

Spray foam roof coating will prevent your metal roof from ever leaking again if the spray foam is applied correctly. A New Millennium, Inc. is the most experienced spray foam insulation contractor in New Mexico. Our application teams have over 90 years of combined experience, and we take the extra steps to ensure the quality of our product, our work and your satisfaction. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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