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Preventative Commercial Roofing Maintenance

Preventative Commercial Roofing MaintenanceWhen done right, spray foam roof systems are very low maintenance. Maintaining the energy efficient insulation and integrity of most commercial roofing may require nothing more than an annual maintenance visit and coating touch-up to provide continual UV protection. A New Millennium, Inc. has a preventative maintenance program to help you avoid the need for major roof repairs, and it comes with the added benefit of a 20-year up to our lifetime warranty against leaks.

Preventative Roof Maintenance

A New Millennium, Inc. can ensure the continued performance of your spray foam roof system through our preventative maintenance package, which includes:
  • Annual inspections during which we check for wear and tear, minor cracks etc.
  • Canale cleaning (to prevent water ponding on flat roofs)
  • Minor roof repairs
During our annual inspections, we will check for any signs of sun damage, which may indicate the need for enhanced UV protection.

Commercial Roofing UV Protection

Spray polyurethane foam is a member of the plastics family and will degrade with exposure to UV radiation like other plastic materials. That makes UV protection the most important part of spray foam roof system maintenance. There are two options for UV protection:
  • An elastomeric, acrylic roof coating
  • A one inch layer of gravel with elastomeric, acrylic coating on vertical surfaces.
The coating will itself wear away with exposure to the elements and must be reapplied about every eight to ten years. Gravel, however, provides UV protection for the lifetime of the spray foam roof system. While we typically recommend gravel because of its low-maintenance and cost-effectiveness, coatings are the only option for UV protection for vertical wall insulation.

One Contractor for all Your Commercial Roofing Needs

A New Millennium, Inc. is the one New Mexico commercial roofing contractor you need for all your roofing needs, spray foam roof systems and on-going roof maintenance. We hold higher than the minimum license needed for spray foam roof insulation, and our applicators have over 90 years of combined experience. Contact us to find out more about the benefits of spray foam roof systems and our preventative roof maintenance program.

Maintain your spray foam system performance with preventative roof maintenance from A New Millennium, Inc. Call us today for details!

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