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Reliable Roofing Contractor in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Roofing Contractor in AlbuquerqueIf you are interested in spray foam roof systems, need commercial roofing repairs before you can add insulation or need repairs but are not getting a response from the contractor who installed your spray foam system, A New Millennium, Inc. can help. A New Millennium, Inc. is Albuquerque and New Mexico’s premier spray foam insulation contractor. Our experience, credentials and commitment to quality mean you can rely on us for prompt high-quality roof repairs.

When You Need Roof Repairs

The need for roofing repairs may be obvious at some commercial facilities. Leaks, mold growth and/or rusted metal roof coatings all indicate moisture permeability. Increasing energy bills may also indicate gaps, holes or other problems with existing roofing that is allowing treated air to escape and using more energy to control the indoor temperature. Sometimes the need for roof repair is not so obvious. That’s why A New Millennium, Inc. does a roofing inspection before applying any spray foam system. Our experienced applicators look for hidden leaks, wet underlayment materials, rusted metal roofing and fasteners, etc. to assess if roof repairs are needed before the system can be applied.

Roofing Repairs When You Need Them

If you need roof repairs before your spray foam insulation application is started, contact us. A New Millennium, Inc. will provide temporary roof leak repairs to prevent any damage before the roof system can provide permanent weather protection. Unfortunately, many roofing contractors just have not withstood the test of time, and they are no longer available to make good on their warranties. If you are having problems with your roof system, but it was installed by a roofing contractor other than A New Millennium, Inc., we can provide high quality roof repairs through our partner The Ex-El Co., LLC.

Quality Roof Repairs

Most Albuquerque, NM roofing contractors have a New Mexico GS license that allows them to perform specialty services, like roofing applications only. But A New Millennium, Inc. holds a GB-98 license, which allows us to do so much more. We are able to do new roofing construction, roof replacement, roof tear-offs, structural repairs in addition to spray foam insulation application. Hiring the best talent who can provide comprehensive commercial roofing services is the key to accomplishing A New Millennium, Inc.’s mission of delivering the highest quality spray foam roofing and application. Our applicators have the most experience of any roofing contractor—over 90 years of combined experience. And, we back the quality of our work with the best warranty in the industry—up to a lifetime commercial warranty against leaks.

For a free estimate and commercial roofing assessment, contact A New Millennium, Inc.! (505) 349-4475 Quality remains long after price is forgotten.