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Commercial Roofing Repair Services in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Commercial Roofing Repair Service

A New Millennium, Inc. offers more than other spray foam insulation contractors. Our experience and professional licensure allow us to provide Albuquerque, NM businesses with commercial roofing repairs as part of our preparation for, maintenance of and/or restoration of spray foam roof systems.

When You Need Commercial Roofing Repairs

A New Millennium, Inc. provides commercial roofing repairs at every phase of spray foam roofing application:

Before Roof Coating

During your free estimate, the applicators from A New Millennium, Inc. will assess if there is any roof damage that requires repair before spray foam insulation can be applied. If structural repairs are needed, we can complete them—there’s no need to find any other building contractor.

Preventative Maintenance

A New Millennium, Inc. offers a preventative maintenance program for all our commercial roofing and building insulation jobs. For a minimal annual charge, we will perform periodic checks, clean canales, maintain UV protection and perform any minor repairs that may be needed to ensure that your spray foam roof system delivers the highest level of energy-saving insulation and long term service.

Roof System Repairs

In the event that your commercial roofing needs major repair, we will do what is necessary to restore the integrity of your roof system. Repairs may be covered under the 10-, 20-year or up to lifetime warranty for A New Millennium, Inc. customers. We also provide roofing repair service for those who had spray foam insulation applied by another roofing contractor through our partner The Ex-El, LLC.

A New Millennium, Inc. also provides emergency leak repair for new customers whose spray foam insulation application has not yet been completed.

Our Commercial Roofing Expertise

A New Millennium, Inc. is able to provide comprehensive commercial roofing, building and structural repair because we carry a New Mexico GB-98 license, which allows us to do more than other contractors who hold the minimum GS license. We have the skills and the credentials necessary to do everything from new roofing construction to roof replacement to applying the spray foam insulation top coating. Our applicator crews are experienced commercial roofing professionals with over 90 years of combined experience. You can count on us for high quality roofing repairs. For a free estimate for spray foam roof systems and an assessment of the roofing at your Albuquerque, NM commercial facility, contact us.

For quality roof repairs, you only need to make one call: A New Millennium, Inc.!


Quality remains long after price is forgotten.

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